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We serve 15 varieties of Sri Lanka Kandula tea in our café served as it should be, in a tea pot, why not pop in and try. Most blends don’t need anything but with 6 types of milk available or if you prefer we can serve with lemon slices we should be able to serve it the way you like it.

Taking an innovative approach to the creation of our collection of Ceylon teas is important to us and so during the year Gail splits her time between Norfolk and Sri Lanka in order to oversee the blending process and visit the tea plantations. This means we are able to work closely with our tea blenders to achieve our unique selection of Single Estate white and green teas, our classic black teas plus our spiced fruit & herbal infusions.

All our whole leaf teas are handpicked and are selected from plantations where the tea workers’ welfare is of paramount importance. Sri Lankan teas are processed using the only ozone-friendly method of production in the world and because they are grown so close to the equator have even more antioxidants – these are key reasons why we choose to source our teas from this beautiful island. Three of our teas have won prestigious Great Taste Award Gold Stars.

The Kandula Tea Plantations

Over the past five years we have established close relationships with two expert tea blenderson the island of Sri Lanka to create our hand picked teas.
Our delicate Pink, Ivory and Green Teas are the creation of our single estate tea blender and are the result of innovative thinking working with single estate premium whole leaf unfermented teas. In these we strive to achieve not only the best quality Ceylon teas but also teas that
are unique.
With our other tea blender we have focused on creating a range of classic Ceylon teas, including
our English Breakfast, Afternoon Ebony, Ebony Chai and Earl Grey Teas. With these teas our aim is to create our own take on classic brews that truly offer the tea drinker a supreme quality
cup of tea.
Our teas are carefully sourced and selected by our blenders from a number of Sri Lankan tea estates known for their excellence in producing superior teas. This ensures that we can select the very best quality teas from each of our estates and gives our bespoke blends great
Ceylon provenance.

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