Catering for gluten free guests

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Catering for gluten free guests

Now BBQ season is upon us, here are our top tips for catering for your gluten free guests:

• Gluten is found in barley, wheat and rye and oats – so make sure that you check every label – the offenders should be bold on the ingredients list.

• Make sure that you keep gluten containing foods separate, and use fresh knives, boards, plates and utensils for gluten free food preparation. Even a crumb could make someone poorly so this is especially important.

• Heat does not destroy gluten, so make sure that you cook or BBQ gluten free meats on a separate grill or on tin foil – unprepared meat is naturally gluten free and most reputable butchers will have a gluten free range of prepared sausages and burgers ready, so it’s easy to make it your whole offering safe and gluten free.

• Watch out for sauces, pickles, dressings and gravies – many are thickened with wheat, or flavoured with barley – so either source gluten free alternatives, or keep things plain and then guests can choose their own accompaniments.

• When it comes to nibbles and finger foods, if you prepare vegetable crudities and dips, olives, cheeses, and even gf tortilla chips and crisps and nuts, it’s something that everyone can have without realising its gluten free – and the gluten free-ers won’t feel like they have to miss out.

• It’s also easy to make salads gluten free; potatoes, cheese and eggs are safe naturally, and brown rice pasta makes a great alternative to durum wheat pasta, or try naturally gluten free grains such as buckwheat or quinoa as a base with your usual vegetables – a dash of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and seasoning, and you’re good to go.

• Lets’ not forget desserts – there are so many options that are naturally gluten free, straight forward ice-cream, meringues, fruit, jelly and cream are all great ingredients, and perfect for finishing off your meal.

• If in doubt ask your gluten free guests what they would like as alternatives, most will be thrilled that you’ve thought about them, and may have some great suggestions too.


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