We have now closed The Gluten Free Shop & Café on Timberhill and would like to thank everybody for their support over the past 4 years.
Our mission statement was to provide a wide range of gluten free and other freefrom products to everyone, and be a safe place for Coeliac’s to buy great produce and eat out. And this is something that we achieved, and as Coeliac champions we were glad to provide advice and support to our customers.
Over the past few months we have noticed that there is now a huge move towards gluten free produce in supermarkets, and the eating out choices have improved so much, and in the large part we are not needed anymore – this can only be a good thing.   Sadly economic pressures have also contributed to the closure, the eating out choices are diluted locally, you can buy gluten free bread everywhere, and we are unable to invest any more money into the company. 
Those who know us know how incredibly tirelessly we have worked to make a difference to you, we hugely appreciate your custom.
A few of you may have gift vouchers outstanding, and we are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience that these won’t be now be useable, there is sadly not a way for these to be refunded as the Company has ceased trading, however if a way can be found to compensate you then we will be in touch with as many people as we possibly can.
Best wishes from the team, and good luck to you all on your gluten free journey.